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Traditionally associated with Navajo women, we can trace the origins of this skirt and blouse to the forced resettlement of the Navajos to the Bosque Redondo reservation near Fort Sumner., New Mexico in the 1860’s. Introduced to the white man’s fashions by the wives and daughters of the soldiers, they were given hand-me-downs to replace their worn out clothing. The Government's  reservation program failed there in 1867, and the Navajo were allowed to return to their native home. The Navajo women were able to reproduce these clothes creation their own style using the velvets and calicos which were available at the trading posts of the 1870’s and using coin buttons and their own silver jewelry. Reintroduced by Buckaroo Bobbins and  offered as both skirt and two blouses in one pattern package, the pattern also contains all sizes from 30 1/2” bust to a 42” bust and complete instructions on authentic broomstick pleating.

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Viola’s Bonnet


In the 19th century women were well aware of the damaging effect of the sun on their complexion and rarely ventured outdoors without the protection of their sun bonnets.  We have a friend in Douglas, Wyoming who sent us the bonnet which belonged to her Aunt Viola.  Viola’s bonnet was a copy of the one Viola’s grandmother, Carrie Holman, wore as she traveled by covered wagon from Kansas to Oklahoma and New Mexico and then finally settling near Buffalo, Wyoming.  Sun bonnets of the day rarely matched the outfits because they were often made from old clothing.  They sometimes used pasteboard or wooden slats to firm up the brim.  The Viola’s Bonnet pattern package contains both child and adult sizes and authentic decorating ideas too. 

Text Box: Hoedown Dress
Text Box: Once in a while it is only right that we set our worldly cares aside, kick up our heels and celebrate life.  Feminine, flattering, emphasizing puffed sleeves, fitted bodice, and a full gathered skirt, this dress is a classic you’ll love to wear.  The Hoedown Dress pattern includes all sizes from 31” bust to 42” bust.
Text Box: Dainty, frilly, undergarments sometimes called frillies by our grandmothers, were made of fine cottons and were accentuated with lace and or embroidery.  Reintroducing these patterns for ladies’ undergarments, we’ve included embroidery patterns as an option for the front of the camisole along with versions with and without sleeves.  True to the time period, the camisole, petticoat, and pantaloons give proper form and fit to our line of ladies clothing patterns.  Used as corset covers at one time, today’s camisoles make a cool summer top for the modern gals.  This pattern includes the camisole, petticoat, and pantaloons (closed or open) in all sizes from 
6 to 24.  Hint: The petticoat and camisole can be worn as a dress depending on your fabric choice.  
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& Blouse
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