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Susan’s Polonaise


A polonaise is a Polish word for a dress with a tight bodice and a short skirt divided in front and looped, or drawn back, over a longer skirt.


The polonaise was worn in the 1870’s and 80’s, but was actually a revival of a late 1700’s style worn in Europe and was the national costume of Poland. 


Typically, the bodice was very full in the rear and is supported by a bustle (included in our pattern).  The full sides are called panniers.  (Like the bags on a pack-horse!)  The fit of the bodice should be tight and worn with a corset thus it is necessary to tailor fit during construction over a corset. 


For those “loose women” who refuse to wear a corset, the pattern includes a boned version to produce the same smooth silhouette. (Though snug, the polonaise should be loose enough to allow for breathing)


The Polonaise can be made in calico for a casual look or in silk or taffeta for a more formal appearance.  This ensemble was often worn as a wedding dress, made in white silk with lavish trims and beading. 


The Polonaise pattern package includes Polonaise, skirt, bustle, and both a high-neck and

V-neck versions.  All sizes included from 6-24

Text Box: In the mid 1800’s, the idea of a separate skirt and blouse (also called a bodice or waist) was introduced.  At first the skirts were 126” around.  They eventually reached the immense circumference of 250” and over!  Our skirt runs from 220” to 265”.  These skirts were always worn over multiple pantaloons and petticoats.  Our Pattern package includes both plain and split skirt styles and all sizes from 4 to 26.
Text Box: New! Ankle Length Version Included.
Text Box: Wyoming Ranch Skirt 
Text Box: & Vest
Text Box: Propriety during the Victorian age demanded women were never to be seen in anything other than dresses which were long enough to cover the ankle.  Both unconventional and enterprising, the cowgirls of the Old West came up with a transitional skirt/pants outfit witch was safer and more
practical than skirts.  Because sitting astride a saddle was considered by 
Text Box: some to be unladylike and unhealthy, this ingenious skirt was made with a removable front panel for a skirt effect when not riding.  The Wyoming Ranch Skirt is designed to be sewn in either of two lengths and each pattern package contains complete instructions for the skirt and vest, and all sizes from a 22” to a 38” waist.  
It also includes instructions for sewing with leather.
Text Box: Ladies’ Outing Jacket
Text Box: A perfect match with any of our skirt patterns or your favorite pair of jeans,   
it features a convertible collar; stand up for a high neck or open for a traditional lapel, figure flattering seaming, optional shaped hem and bustle or split back, and leg-o-mutton sleeves typical of the late 19th century.
Fully lined.  Includes all sizes for a 30-1/2” bust to a 42” bust.
Text Box:       Clara’s Skirt