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The Pioneer Spirit

Have you ever tried to imagine what must have possessed a person during the Western Expansion Era to leave what was familiar for the uncertainties and hardships which awaited them on the trail west?  Accidents, illness, bad weather, Indians; they would all take their toll.  But they put their faith in God and a vision and braved the unknown traveling in an ox drawn "prairie schooner" or even pushing a handcart.  If they were properly outfitted, the realities of the trail would still demand an iron determination if they were to survive.  There were no guarantees.  

Compare their strength and determination to who we are, as a people, today.  Too many have believed in a redefined American Dream as something guaranteed by tax-funded give away programs regardless of personal choice and/or responsibilities or even work.  Many politicians, thinking only of themselves, have sought election by offering everything to everyone with someone else's money.

Many people have been lulled into complacency and weakness, wanting only their creature comforts and immediate gratification of the senses.  They seek security where there really is none, and put their trust in people who cannot deliver on their promises.  

People need to realize that the government cannot give to us what they haven't already taken.  It is an extremely inefficient way of redistributing the wealth.  They end up subsidizing failure and punishing success.  With over-taxation and over-regulation they destroy initiative and the economy along with it.  Then they try to blame someone else.  

Whenever we allow the government to provide something that we can provide for ourselves, or to save us from personal responsibility, we give them more control over us and end up with less freedom.  

We need to regain that pioneering spirit which built this country and made it strong.  A spirit of self-reliance along with a dependence on God as a rock-solid foundation.  

We believe the American Dream is alive and well in the hearts of every free thinking American with the courage and iron determination to succeed in a world where there are still no guarantees.

We are pleased that our patterns are helping so many people whether they are in the ready-made clothing business or they are sewing for themselves and "saving a day's wages."  

Roger Eads  1994

Roger Eads
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We've been publishing sewing patterns since 1992 beginning with the Western Heritage Shirt Pattern Package and adding to the line as our customers have requested.  We have also paid attention to our customers, making changes to our line to clarify, simplify, and improve with each printing.  All of our patterns are tried and true.  If you have any questions or need help you can email or call me during business hours (Arizona time).  I'll talk you through it.   We are grateful to all of our customers for their support over the years.  Thank you,  Geneva 

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